Chubby Bunnies

How cute is this vintage book cover illustration? Chubby bunnies everywhere! It’s from an 1898 children’s book entitled The Round Rabbit. We’ve definitely found a lot of round rabbits with this one. Oddly enough, and despite the book’s title, the covers were the only place in the book with rabbit illustrations.

6 rows of chubby bunnies, alternating faces and tails. Printed in just two colors on fabric; giving the bunnies little stripes. And, the picture is absolutely huge! 2,084 pixels by 3,226 pixels. Way too big to show all of it here.

If you’re a fan of Reusable Art, you know what to do – just click on the rows of cute bunnies and you’ll gain access to the biggest lineup of chubby bunnies we’ve ever seen.

Chubby Bunnies Repeating Pattern from a Vintage Book Cover




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