Snake Drawings

Whether you love them or fear them, snakes are interesting animals that can look both fierce and beautiful. From the smallest vipers to the giants that inhabit the rain forests, snakes are a major part of our ecosystem.

For anyone looking for snake drawings, hopefully this group of public domain snake images will include something useful for you.

As with all of the animal images on Reusable Art, be sure to check back from time to time as I’ll continually be adding more great snake drawings as I find them.

short-tailed python drawing

Python Curtus

The artist may have given this python more vibrant colors but the patterning matches that of the snake now known as Sumatran short-tailed python.

vintage shield tail snake drawing

Shield Tail Snake Drawing

A most curious snake. This vintage shield tail snake drawing from 1856 shows their somewhat blunt tails. He’s almost cute once you know he doesn’t bite.

Atheris Burtoni -Viper Drawing

Vintage viper drawing. Labeled as Atheris Burtoni, we know little about this snake; other than it’s typical size and that it obviously climbed trees.

Echis Carinatus Viper Drawing

The Indian Krait is among the “big 4” vipers on the continent known for biting humans. It’s deadly, but, thankfully, this public domain viper image is safe.