Building Images

Rescued from books long out of print, these copyright free images of buildings have been collected by Reusable Art for use in your next crafting or website project.

Looking at these drawing of buildings is a bit like studying the history of architecture. There’s everything from small cottages to soaring cathedrals. But, if you are looking for bridges, you should look under the transportation category – bridge drawings.

These copyright free images would be perfect for collages, mixed media art, stationary, ornaments, scrapbooking or any other creative project including web page design.

Bird Houses

We\'ve been building our feathered friends their own houses for generations. These vintage illustrations celebrate all things birdhouse.

Charming Cottage Images

Not quite a house but more than a cabin and full of charm. A growing collection of vintage cottage illustrations.

Historical Buildings

A small, but growing, collection of vintage drawings of historical buildings. Some are still standing and others exist only in pictures.

House Images

From large mansions to quaint family homes, these building images feature that wonderful place called home.

Images of Churches

Vintage building drawings of houses of worship ranging in size from a small village church to soaring cathedrals.

Mixed Building Images

From sweet village scenes to a doghouse and a lighthouse, these building images feature a variety of building styles and functionality.

Windmills & Water Mills

Windmills and water mills drawn by a variety of illustrators.