Building Images

Rescued from books long out of print, these copyright free images of buildings have been collected by Reusable Art for use in your next crafting or website project.

These copyright free images would be perfect for collages, mixed media art, stationary, ornaments, scrapbooking or any other creative project including web page design.

Bird Houses


Bird House Drawing

February 16, 2011

Public domain bird house drawing.

birdhouse-02 Birdhouse Drawing
May 24, 2010

birdhouse-01 Birdhouse & Flowers
February 2, 2008

Charming Cottage Images


Cottage Drawing

June 18, 2013

Cottage drawing from a vintage book on drawing.

cottage-07 Large Cottage
July 22, 2011

Historical Buildings


Eastbridge Hospital of St Thomas the Martyr, Canterbury

December 30, 2012

Historical street scene from Caterbury England.

historical-11 Chatsworth House Engraving
December 30, 2012

historical-08 Bank of California
September 26, 2012

historical-09 Palace Hotel, San Francisco
September 26, 2012

House Images


Farm House Drawing

March 20, 2014

Old farm house drawing and house plan of a New England farm house for a small, family farm.

Bruce-Castle Bruce Castle
November 19, 2013

houses-15 House & Plan
May 15, 2013

houses-13 Farm House Drawing
October 12, 2012

Images of Churches


Small Country Church Drawing

August 9, 2012

Small black and white drawing of a country church.

church-drawings-05 White Church Drawing
March 5, 2012

church-drawings-03 Panama Cathedral Drawing
December 25, 2009

Mixed Building Images


Mountain Boat House

June 17, 2013

Vintage sepia drawing of a boathouse on a mountain lake.

lighthouse-01 Lighthouse Drawing
July 23, 2012

bridges-05 The Chapel Bridge
March 29, 2012

bridges-04 Trestle Bridge
March 19, 2012

Windmills & Water Mills


Small Windmill Drawing

September 14, 2011

Small, black and white drawing of a windmill.

mill-images-07 Wind Mill Drawing
May 23, 2010

mill-images-06 Windmill Drawing
November 12, 2009

mill-images-05 Water Mill Drawing
September 21, 2009