Bank of Ireland

Five different architects worked on the Bank of Ireland building. Parliament House was revolutionary in it’s design. This vintage building drawing shows the semi-circular shape of the building. It was also the world’s first purpose-built two-chamber parliament house. The new building was funded in 1727 and the first stone was laid in 1729.┬áIt wasn’t until 1805 that the building was finally complete. Five different architects were involved in its construction.

It was included in the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica as a fine example of Greek architecture.


In 1800, the Act of Union 1800, effectively abolished the Irish Parliament as the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland became a single entity – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Bank of Ireland purchased the building in 1803. While no longer their headquarters, the bank continues to operate a branch from this historic building. Sections of the building are also open to the public as a historical site and museum.


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