Historical Buildings

History’s an interesting thing. What we see as long-ago, earlier generations saw first-hand. People and places change as time passes. Buildings become well-known for who lived in them, events that happened in or around them, or for their construction.

The building drawings on this part of Reusable Art are ones that include historical buildings. They include a range of structures from famous castles to homes, famous for those who lived in them. Some of the historical building drawings depict places that still exist but others are sadly gone or look greatly different today than they did around 100 years ago when many of these drawings were included in books and magazines.

Bank of Ireland

Vintage drawing of the famous Bank of Ireland building. Greek architecture and a semi-circulur design make this building famous for its architectural design.

Shakespeare Memorial

The Shakespeare Memorial was built by an American newspaper publisher in honor of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee and William Shakespeare.

Bank of California

Vintage drawing of the Bank of California building in San Francisco, circa 1875.