House Images

Looking for great vintage house images? Be sure to check out our ever-growing collection of copyright free house and building images.

Use these house drawings in your own creative arts, crafts and web projects.

River House

Vintage river house drawing from a magazine edition dedicated to all things home-related. Vintage 1887 residence that anyone would be proud to call home.

Home Drawing

Vintage home drawing of a residence built in the 1880s. Lovely multi-story home that was built in New Jersey.

Neighborhood Home Drawing

Vintage neighborhood home drawing from 1887. From Scientific American edition dedicated to architects and builders. It had a number of lovely home images.

Artist House

Artist house is a vintage home drawing with a background of an artist’s palette. Vintage magazine illustration including floor plans for both stories.

1800s Home Drawing

Wonderfully vintage, 1800s home drawing that was included in an 1887 magazine about a number of stately that had recently been built in New Jersey.

Stately Home Drawing

Lovely black and white stately home drawing from 1887. Could you just imagine whiling away a quiet afternoon sipping your favorite beverage on the verandah?

Vintage Home Drawing

Vintage home drawing of a house built around 1887 in New Jersey. One of several home drawings found in a Scientific American Magazine.

California House

Vintage drawing of a California house, or at least a representation of the sort of home that could be built there. Design dates back to 1887.

Factory House

Drawing and floorplan from a vintage factory house. These small dwellings were often provided to workers at various factories in England and the USA.

New Jersey House

House drawing and plans from a New Jersey house built in 1887 for $8,000.

Stone House

Stone house drawing and floor plans from an 1887 edition of Scientific American. Listed as a suburban residence – quite a beautiful home for any era.