California House

california-house-1887This lovely residence could have been built for you in or around 1887 for about $2,500-$3,000; depending upon the finishings chosen. This California house, as it was called by Scientific American in their Architects and Builders Edition, is celebrated for the large, easier to clean windows – not so many little windows with corners to clean out. The home was designed to be light and bright in the California sunshine. The magazine recommended “if you are building a home for yourself, take the good wife into your confidence, and let her judgment be given on the various colors to be used.” I guess that assumes the good wife has a good sense of color to start with. No word was given about what to do with a wife that wasn’t good.

Jokes aside, this house offered a lot of space for families. The dining room was 12 X 17 ¾ feet – quite a bit bigger than many modern-day dining rooms. The bathroom was 6ft 3 in by 9.5 feet with a wash bowl, water closet and tub. “The window, being directly over the tub, assures perfect ventilation.”

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