Yellow House

yellow-houseIn 1887, a Scientific American Architects and Builders Edition included a number of house drawings and house plans. This stately home was identified as being “a dwelling of moderate cost.” Maybe it’s just me, but, this looks like quite a lovely home that even in 1887 would have been out of reach for many households.

This pretty yellow house was designed with only 2 bedrooms on the second floor but it also had two “chambers” on that floor. It easily could have been used as a four bedroom home. It even had a butler’s pantry – probably something quite in fashion back then.

The drawing also includes a garden area, complete with a gazebo; trees, bushes, a white fence and a little girl in the front walkway playing with a hoop.

Along with the full-color finished drawing of this yellow house, the magazine had the floor plans for both stories. I thought I would share all three drawings here, to keep things simpler.

color1b  color1c

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