Home Drawing

home-drawing-sa5It must have been something. Several years before the city was even incorporated, there was a bit of a building boom. The city of Glenridge, New Jersey, saw the construction of a number of stately multi-story homes. At the time, it was a growing city . The railroad station had opened in 1882 and residents could more easily commute to New York City – which was only 14 miles away.

The city is a bit unique in that it retained much of its rich history. 72.8% of the homes were built before 1939. I wonder if the house shown in this vintage home drawing still exists too. I love all of the effort that was put into rendering these drawings – notice the two men on the front porch along with a dog. Trees and other landscaping make the home look even more inviting along with curtains on the windows. The entire drawing is framed in a clever way with trees and flowers becoming part of the frame.

There were several of these wonderful home drawings in the December 1887 Scientific American Architects and Builders Edition and I do hope you check out the others that I’ve included among the house drawings here on Reusable Art. The home drawing you see here is a smaller version of the image. To access the larger image, simply click on this one.

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