Mansion Drawing

There’s more than a bit of irony that someone thought to be one of the biggest robber-barons in 19th century American would build a summer home that looks at bit like a cross between a castle, grand hotel and a cathedral. Jay Gould (1836-1892) owned numerous railroads and left behind an estate valued in the neighborhood of $80 million.

This vintage drawing of his mansion on the Hudson River in Irvington, New York, shows the stately home from the front of the house. The drive appears to have been lined with a row of trees and park benches sit under two of them – perhaps looking out over the river.

Not sure how many scrapbookers need a drawing of a mansion but if you do, this one seems quite lovely.

There are over 200 wonderful, vintage illustrations on Reusable Art that were included in Hill’s Album of Biography and Art. We have the author, Thomas E. Hill, for publishing such a wonderful resource in 1882.

Mansion Drawing

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