Bird Houses

Our feathered backyard friends deserve only the finest accommodations. These copyright free images of birdhouses would be great for your next creative project.

If you are looking for more natural birdhouses, as in those created by the birds themselves, then check out our collection of bird nest drawings.

barn birdhouse drawing

Barn Birdhouse Drawing

Vintage barn birdhouse drawing from a book published by the USDA. Two-story barn with porches; a home for 12 martin pairs. Black and white line drawing.

fancy martin house drawing

Fancy Martin House

A fancy martin house. One of several that were included in a book aboutĀ The Relation of Birds to the Cotton Boll Weavil. It USDA published it in 1907. The work advises that purple martinsĀ are good at keeping boll weavil populations in check. Building multi-room, fancy martin house like this one would encourage pairs of martins […]

Black & White Bird House

Vintage black and white bird house. There’s a metaphor in the illustration but it’s also a charming piece with a number of birds looking for a new home.

Bird on House

Bird on house. Simple concept becomes quite charming with a house built for birds, hung in a tree that’s full of pink flowers. Vintage birdhouse drawing.