Thanksgiving Images

One of the best days of the year, Thanksgiving is a day when families come together and remember everything they are thankful for. Enjoy this collection of copyright free images and we hope you can find a use for them on your next holiday craft project.

Gifts of Nature Vintage Thanksgiving Day Card by Ellent Clapsaddle

Gifts of Nature

What finer example of the true gifts of nature – children, flowers and the fall harvest! Vintage Thanksgiving Day card by Ellen Clapsaddle.

Thanksgiving Dishes, vintage holiday postcard

Thanksgiving Dishes

Sweet Clapsaddle holiday card with a giant pumpkin pie, four sweet children and an ode to Thanksgiving Dishes. Happy Thanksgiving from

Welcome Thanksgiving, vintage Clapsaddle postcard

Welcome Thanksgiving

Cute little Pilgrim girl putting the finishing touches on her pie in a vintage holiday card. Welcome Thanksgiving with & Ellen Clapsaddle.

Fancy Turkey Drawing

Looking for a fancy turkey drawing or great image to use with Thanksgiving? This shimmery fellow might be just what you need. Drawn by Ellen Clapsaddle.

Thanksgiving Blessings Postcard

Thanksgiving Blessings

Send someone special some Thanksgiving Blessings with this vintage Ellen Clapsaddle holiday postcard. Golden wheat and chestnuts (I think) decorate the card.

Thanksgiving Harvest postcard

Thanksgiving Harvest

Thanksgiving Harvest; a lovely fall landscape painting by Ellen Clapsaddle. A sweet holiday message and serene sunset to convey the quiet beauty of fall.

Best Wishes for Thanksgiving

Best Wishes for Thanksgiving

Send someone this vintage Clapsaddle postcard and Best Wishes for Thanksgiving. Cute little Pilgrim boy struggles to carry a basket full of fruit and veggies.

Hearty Thanksgiving Greetings

Hearty Thanksgiving Greetings

Wish someone special a Hearty Thanksgiving Greetings with this vintage holiday card. A dinner table with flowers, pie, a golden turkey and cider. Perfect.

Thanksgiving Treasures

Thanksgiving Treasures

Thanksgiving Treasures is a charming holiday card by Ellen Clapsaddle. With a charming Pilgrim boy and a turkey.

The First Thanksgiving

Beautiful historic painting by the American painter Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863 – 1930) of The First Thanksgiving in Plymouth in 1621.

Thanksgiving Day

Ellen H. Clapsaddle, created this charming Thanksgiving postcard that pays tribute to John Alden and Priscilla

Hearty Thanksgiving Greeting

Charming and hearty Thanksgiving Greeting card from the much-loved American artist Ellen H. Clapsaddle with two children pulling on a large wishbone.