Thanksgiving Treasures

Thanksgiving Treasures features a sweet Pilgrim boy bringing home Thanksgiving Dinner.

A Clapsaddle Holiday Card

Known for her charming holiday post cards, Ellen Clapsaddle (1865-1934) was perhaps the most prolific of the artists working during the Golden Age of postcards. Her cards were primarily printed by the¬†International Art Publishing Co. Ltd. of New York. There were two different versions of this card – one where the boy is on the left and a mirror reverse that has him on the right of the turkey. I’ve seen dates for them of 1919 and 1921.

Thanksgiving Dinner

A cute little boy, wearing a Pilgrim hat, short pants and coat is carrying a musket in one hand and Thanksgiving dinner in the other. While I know most of us will be enjoying a beautiful turkey on Thanksgiving Day, I’m a bit on the fence about greeting cards featuring their demise. While the little Pilgrim boy is pure Clapsaddle cuteness, the turkey is held up-side-down and no longer with us. It does, however, include a message of thanksgiving for all that nature provides us:

Thanksgiving Wishes
Generous Nature
will provide
for thrifty Homes and Fireside.

Thanksgiving Treasures

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