Walter Crane

The art of Walter Crane (1845-1915) runs the gamut from fine art paintings to caricatures and other humorous pieces. He also designed ceramic tiles and wallpaper. Here on Reusable Art, there are primarily examples of his wonderful illustrations that were used in children’s books. He was one of the most influential English artists during his time or for generations to come. His name is often paired with Kate Greenaway and Randolph Caldecott as being three of the driving forces for the direction nursery book illustrations would take as color became affordable.

I’ve written a more extensive Walter Crane biography on my other site But, Reusable Art is where you will find a nice library of his wonderful illustrations and other pieces.

Playing With Baby

Charming vintage drawing by Walter Crane of two older siblings playing with baby on the hearth rug. It dates back to 1887.

Baby in Highchair

What a fun image Walter Crane has given us in this vintage drawing of a baby in a highchair. The boy sits with his foot on the table and his hands full.

Umbrella Mishap

A charming piece by Walter Crane with a poor little girl in the middle of an umbrella mishap. Don’t you just want to reach out and help her up? I do.

Japanese Rabbit Watercolor

Public domain Japanese rabbit watercolor. Done with a large, soft brush and black ink by Walter Crane it offers a charming image to use in your own work.

Chicken Scratch

It looks like it was constructed a bit like the scene it depicts – chicken scratch. It was drawn by the prolific children’s book illustrator Walter Crane (1845–1915).

Peacock Drawing

Part of drawing lesson on creating different textures, this peacock drawing would make a great coloring image.

Bird Vignette

A pair of birds appear to be stealing coins from a fountain.

Apple Vignette

Drawing of a trio of golden apples that would make a great page spacer or vignette. This apple vignette is available with red apples too on

Metaphor for Temptation

Great border/vignette image of someone handing over three apples along with a snake – a great metaphor for temptation.

Frame with Boy & Girl

Vintage line drawing of a girl and boy holding a book that could be edited for your own text.

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