Ida Waugh

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the special image category Ida Waugh where you can find a number of images by this illustrator or related to this theme.

Dressing up the Dog

Dressing up the dog. It’s one of those things we all try and when the animal cooperates it can turn out as cute as this vintage book illustration.

The Escape

A young lad leaps over a fence avoiding the sharp horns of a bull. The escape is a charming book illustration by Ida Waugh from 1881.

When Bees Attack

A young Victorian lad learns the hard way not to poke a bee’s nest. When bees attack, it is not a good idea to flail at them the way he is.

Jumping Rope

Vintage, colored drawing of four young girls jumping rope on a summer’s day. Public domain image, free for downloading from

Swinging Around

Swinging around – a great way for two kids to have fun together. Striped socks and twirling skirts make the two little girls in this drawing extra charming.

Going to School

Drawing of a little girl dress in purple and red going to school. This vintage children’s image of study time is free to download.

Tall Orange Flowers

It looks like clip art but this drawing of tall orange flowers dates back to 1880 when it was included in a book illustrated by Ida Waugh.

Lit Candle Stick Drawing

A pastel colored candle stick drawing; one of four by the same artist with a pastel color scheme. All are in the public domain.

Lit Candle Stick Drawing 2

Old fashioned candle holder. This lit candle stick drawing includes a lit candle with flame. Public domain and free to download; offered by

White Hollyhocks

Clip art image of white hollyhocks with flowers in a very pale yellow with lots of dark green leaves. A great public domain flower image for your projects.

Sleeping Gray Cat

A pretty little, sleeping gray cat lays next to its empty dish and cuddled up against a frame in this vintage, public domain cat illustration.

Curious Cat

A cat stretches to reach the milk in an unguarded milk bucket or perhaps he is just be a curious cat looking for a place to hide. Public domain cat images.