Ida Waugh

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the special image category Ida Waugh where you can find a number of images by this illustrator or related to this theme.

The Yarnball

A cat plays with a red yarnball and unfinished knitting project. The yarnball is fairly well unraveled but this Waugh drawing is put together perfectly.

Tall Sunflowers

Wonderful floral clip art of tall sunflowers. Unlike modern clip art, the artist is clearly identified and the copyright is definitely expired.

Lady’s Hat

Straw lady’s hat with a blue ribbon. A pretty little image where you need a little bit of color or a bit of vintage romance.

Gathering Holly

Three youngsters coming back after hunting for the perfect Christmas decoration. Vintage illustration of gathering holly and dragging it home on a sleigh.

Strong Baby

Oh such a strong baby. Lifting daddy or grand-daddy’s cane well up over their head. Hey look at me. I’m a big strong baby. Look how tall I am too.

Pouting Baby 2

Beautiful illustration of a pouting baby by Ida Waugh a popular children’s book illustrator from the 1900s. It dates back to 1890.

Black Baby Picture

A sweet black baby picture featuring a sweet little baby with a big smile. Big brown eyes and a facial expression that will charm the hardest heart.

Counting Toes

Great picture of a baby counting toes. With blond hair and rosy cheeks, this little one is bound to charm your socks off. Would work great for scrapbooks.

Pondering Baby

Beautiful portrait-like drawing of a pondering baby. What could this little one be thinking about? So serious is the expression in those big green eyes.

Lily of the Valley 1

A simple, yet pretty drawing of lily of the valley. This public domain floral image and its companion piece can add a bit of color to your projects.

Pink Flower Buds

Simple clip art style image of a blooming flower with pink flower buds and leaves. It dates back to 1881 and was drawn by Ida Waugh.

Rose Clip Art

A single flower on a stem is the focus of this red rose clip art. It is tiny but is sure is sweet and charming and in the public domain.