Ida Waugh

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the special image category Ida Waugh where you can find a number of images by this illustrator or related to this theme.

Orange and Pink Roses

Entwining stems of orange and pink roses in a vintage drawing by Ida Waugh. It’s a fairly large rose drawing that would work great in a number of projects.

The Nest

Four blue eggs rest safely in a nest. The small nest image is in the public domain. It is made of twigs and shows the green leaves of the branch it is on.

Butterfly Image

A colorful brown, orange, and blue butterfly image on a white background. It was drawn by Ida Waugh and used in a book published in 1881.

Little Anchor Drawing

A vintage, little anchor drawing in soft pastel colors. It reminds me of clip art and could easily pass for a more modern image than one from 1881.

Shell Clip Art

A pair of clip art shells in green and pink pastels. A cute little public domain image to add to a larger craft or art project.

Baby Birds

A mamma robin feeds her babies in the nest. A tiny vintage drawing of baby birds that would be great for inchies or other small art projects.

Pink Flower Buds

Pretty little drawing of pink flower buds on a stem with several flowers by the talented children’s book illustrator Ida Waugh.

Infant Portrait

This infant portrait may look a bit like clip art, but it is actually a vintage children’s book illustration from 1881.

Sleeping Baby

Sweet little drawing of a sleeping baby wrapped in a green blanket. Great for scrapbooking and other mixed media projects where a little charm is needed.

Girl With Muff

A young girl in her winter finery. The little girl with muff was drawn by Ida Waugh and this circular image would add a bit of vintage charm to you project.

The Apology

Could this be the apology? Or maybe he is professing his love, or is simply begging for something. He’s on his knees, she appears indifferent. A fun image.

The Stained Dress

Two young children debate on what to do about the stained dress one of them is wearing in this vintage Ida Waugh drawing.