Ida Waugh

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the special image category Ida Waugh where you can find a number of images by this illustrator or related to this theme.

Happy Dance

Another beautiful baby drawing from the talented Ida Waugh. The tyke is showing us their happy dance and charming the pants off of us at the same time.

Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story is the name of this drawing and the book it adorned. The drawing has two children in a playroom. One is asking the other to read to them.

White Berries Drawing

Vintage white berries drawing from the talented artist Ida Waugh. Three sprigs of greenery and berries that are drawn horizontally across the page.

Girl Feeding Chickens

Vintage children’s book illustration of a young girl feeding chickens. This charming full-color illustration is in the public domain and free to download.

Lots of Rabbits

Wonderful vintage animal picture with lots of rabbits. Brown ones. White ones. Multi-colored ones. A little bit of everything in this fun image of bunnies.

Mother and Infant Drawing

A copyright free image of a pretty young mother and infant drawing by the talented children’s book illustrator Ida Waugh.

Going Sailing

Two young boys with their pants rolled up wade in the water waiting to launch their toy sailboat. Going sailing is a public domain illustration from 1881.

Going for a Walk

Going for a walk never was so cute and charming as it is when the child doing the walking was drawn by the talented book illustrator Ida Waugh.

The Huddle

A group of Victorian children join the huddle up to confer while the youngest child cries after being excluded. Great family football or plotting metaphor.

Two Years Old

A small child with a dolly turns her back on us – perhaps she is shy. The description tells us this curly blond-headed little charmer is two years old.

Pink Thistle Flowers

Three pink thistle flowers border around a poem. Use them as originally published or remove the poem to insert another picture or your own words.

The Bird’s Nest

Young child climbs a tree to check out the bird’s nest on the end of the branch they are climbing on.