Happy Dance

Isn’t this little tyke, doing their version of the happy dance a real charmer? With rosy red lips and flushed cheeks, this little one with their blonde curls seems ready to melt even the hardest of hearts. Hands raised high and toes pointed, they appear to being a little dance for us. And, with that toothy smile, how could it be anything other than a happy dance?

Those of you familiar with her work will probably recognize the artist even before I share her name with you. Like so many of her drawings of infants and toddlers, this one is wearing a white gown with simple lines and few frills.

I have over 100 examples of her work on Reusable Art so far and hope to continue adding more of her charming drawings of children in the future. It is, of course, the work of Ida Waugh (d. 1919). And, like so much of her artwork, this child drawing appeared in a book written by her good friend Amy Blanchard. The book was Tell Me a Story and it was published around 1888.
happy dance

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