Play Time Images

Children with their toys, playing together and just plain having fun. This collection of copyright free images of children playing celebrates the joys of being young and shares our collection of copyright free pictures of kids playing.

Sailor Boy

Charming vintage drawing of a sailor boy, his toy boat and a tub full of water. Does he dream of grand adventures or racing his boat with his friends?

Wheelbarrow Ride

Charming drawing of a brother giving his little sister a wheelbarrow ride. Vintage drawing by the American illustrator Ida Waugh (1846-1919).

Playing Marbles

Charming vintage drawing of a group of children playing marbles. Public domain black and white image from 1881.

Girl with Hollyhocks

A young girl with hollyhocks is featured in this vintage drawing of children from 1875. Her dolly waits nearby for some fairy cheese.

Happy Dance

Another beautiful baby drawing from the talented Ida Waugh. The tyke is showing us their happy dance and charming the pants off of us at the same time.

Playing With Baby

Charming vintage drawing by Walter Crane of two older siblings playing with baby on the hearth rug. It dates back to 1887.


Vintage illustration of two children playing together.

The Voyage

Drawing of a homemade sailing ship and a group of children.

Flying a Kite

Drawing of a little girl and her kitten getting ready to go fly a kite.

Private Recital

A little girl gives her favorite dollies a private dance recital.

Horse Play

Three children push and pull a wooden horse and a young rider.