Mothers & Their Children

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the image category Mothers & Their Children.

Flowers for Mother

Charming vintage drawing of two children giving their mother flowers.

Reading Together

Charming vintage drawing of a child reading a book with her mother.

Mother and Infant Drawing

A copyright free image of a pretty young mother and infant drawing by the talented children’s book illustrator Ida Waugh.

Mother and Child

Beautiful image of mother and child. It’s from a book about Christmas but the moment it captures is virtually timeless and could be used anytime of the year

Rocked to Sleep

A mother stares through a window watching the moon and stars with her infant that she has rocked to sleep; a tender moment by the artist Ida Waugh.

Mother and Child

A mother holds a sleeping infant to her shoulder in this 1881 mother and child drawing by the artist Ida Waugh.

The Scolding

What mischief has our little miss gotten herself into?