Rocked to Sleep

A mother stares through a window watching the moon and stars as she holds her infant child that she has rocked to sleep. A beautiful drawing of mother and child with their matching white night clothes as the mother gently tries to lull her baby to sleep with the help of a rocking chair. Being rocked to sleep is one of those wonderful benefits of childhood. Held in the warm embrace of a parent and made to feel comfortable enough to drift off to dreamland.

Holly Berries is a book from 1881 which is overflowing with wonderful illustrations by the talented artist Ida Waugh (d.1919). In the few biographies on Waugh that I could find, it does not appear that she was ever blessed by children. But, her drawings of children, their mothers and those tender moments with each other are some of the sweetest images on Reusable Art.

Mother and Child

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