Eleventh Edition Encyclopedia

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the special image category Eleventh Edition Encyclopedia where you can find a number of images by this illustrator or related to this theme.

Map of Argentina

Great vintage map of Argentina. It was included in a 1910 encyclopedia and also Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay and the southern portion of South America.

Trilobite Drawings

Pair of trilobite drawings from 1910. They show the fossilized remains of a Triarthrus from both the top and bottom. Way cool!

1910 Scorpion

Vintage 1910 scorpion drawing from the Encyclopedia Britannica.


Vintage silverfish drawing from 1910. I hate these things but I like this drawing. It shows the segmented body and giant antennae.

Vintage Belgium Map

Wonderfully vintage Belgium map that also shows Luxembourg, the German Empire, Holland and France. So much has changed since this was published in 1910.

Cute Trilobite

For a fossil, I think this is one cute trilobite drawing. To me, I think he looks a bit like a smiling monster with a pari of little eyes and a big smile.

Sea Fan

Lovely black and white sea fan drawing. This coral looks quite a bit like a tree. I think it would work great as a tree or as a nautical element too.

Honeybee Worker Bee

Great, vintage, black and white honeybee worker bee drawing. Has great detail of the fuzzy legs and torso of these hardworking, honey makers.

Cape Oryx Drawing

Vintage cape oryx drawing from 1910. It was part of the antelope entry from an encyclopedia. He looks so proud and stately.

Bassoon Drawing

I love the sound of the bassoon. And hopefully, you’ll love the public domain bassoon drawing I have to share with you. Wonderfully vintage and PD too!

Kudu Antelope

Vintage kudu antelope drawing from 1910. This african antelope was included in the 11th Encyclopedia Britannica. Such a handsome fellow. Don’t you think?