Owl Pictures

Welcome to the section of Reusable Art where we share vintage pictures of owls. All of the bird images shown here are copyright free and free to download for scrapbookers, website designers and anyone else working with images.

Pictures include simple black and white owl drawings to detailed and realistic renderings of these large and somewhat mysterious birds.

If you are searching for other birds of prey drawings, be sure to check out the and birds of prey sections.


Small Owl Engraving

Small owl engraving from 1880. Public domain bird image from 1880 of an owl on a leafy branch and showing off his long black talons.


Owls in Tree

Owls in tree is a vintage drawing that was included in a children’s book from 1881. This engraving includes four owls surrounded by oak tree leaves.


Mr. & Mrs. Owl

Vintage owl drawing of two owls sitting in a flowering tree.


Owls in a Tree

Public domain owl drawing with two owls in the same tree.

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