Owls in Tree

The Old Oak Tree is home to so many woodland creatures. Those that don’t live on it rely upon it for shade, food and life itself. These four owls live in the tree.

Owls in tree is a drawing, probably really an engraving, that appeared in a children’s book from 1881. The author and publishers did not identify either an illustrator or engraver.

This owl drawing was originally printed with a brownish-orange ink. I’ve changed it to more of a black and white image because the pages of this book, which is over 125 years old, were discolored and had some damage. You could easily use a graphics program with an overlay tool to turn the coloring of the drawing to anything you wanted. You could also color the image in like a drawing from a coloring book.

The owls in this drawing all look as if they have very long eyelashes. I think it makes them quite charming and looking a little less of the predators that they are. They appear to be standing in the oak tree and are surrounded by its leaves. There’s no visible tree branches but I don’t think that takes away from the drawing at all.


This image is copyright free and in the public domain anywhere that extends copyrights 70 years after death or at least 120 years after publication when the original illustrator is unknown.