Birds of Prey

An ever-growing collection of public domain illustrations of birds of prey. These vintage drawings and illustrations are of that class of birds that are meat eaters and prey on smaller birds and animals. Their sharp beaks and sharp claws or talons make birds of prey fairly easy to distinguish from other birds.

This is the place to check if you are looking for vulture pictures, hawk images and kite drawings for your creative projects.

Eagle images have their own section; be sure to check it out too.

falco peregrinus minor

Falco Peregrinus Minor

Beautiful full-page plate of a pair of perigrinus minor falcons. From an 1874, publication by the British Museum

peregrine falcon drawing

Peregrine Falcon

Lovely public domain, black and white drawing of a peregrine falcon.

King Vulture

King vulture drawing from 1887 by F.W. Frohawk. Vintage encyclopedia image showing the large bird of prey sitting on a tree branch.

The Fight

Dramatic birds of prey drawing of a pair of vultures fighting over food.

Osprey Drawing

Vintage, full-color drawing of an osprey or fish hawk.