1500s Art

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the special image category 1500s Art where you can find a number of images by this illustrator or related to this theme.

Illuminated Letter N

3 full-color illuminated letter N images from the 1500s. One’s gilded. All are lovely.

Illuminated Letter O

A trio of beautiful illuminated letter O images from the 16th Century. Two are gilded. One is a bit smaller. Just waiting to be added to your own art.

Illuminated Letter P

They’re old, they’re beautiful. 8, 16th Century illuminated letter P images. Some gilded. Red, green, blue, white, orange and maroon. Some are gilded too.

Illuminated Letter Q

Six, yes 6! 16th Century letter Q images. Feature blue or white letters with red, blue, green, white and orange leaves and flowers on beige backgrounds.

Illuminated Letter R

16th Century illuminated letter R from a French manuscript. Decorated with blue, red and white flowers; blue and green vines all on a gold-colored background.

Illuminated Letter S

Close to 600 years old. Letter S images that were all created by hand. Some gilded. All beautifully done.

Illuminated Letter V

A group of 16th century illuminated letter V images from a French manuscript. The letters are either blue or white with red or blue flowers and green leaves.

Very Vintage Page Frame

Very vintage page frame image from 1579. It is a nice repeating pattern that has leaves, flowers and doodle-like elements.

Book Plate Frame

Page-sized book plate frame. A reproduction of a 16th century work, republished in the 1800s. Clearly in the public domain repeating floral pattern.

Fancy Letter N Drawing

Beautiful fancy letter N drawing by the well-known typographer and printmaker Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528).

Albrecht Dürer Alphabet

Vintage fancy letter set from the 1500s. This Albrecht Dürer Alphabet includes the letters of the alphabet commonly used at that time in history.