Illuminated Letter P

In total, there were 8 illuminated letter P images contained within the 16th Century French manuscript that I’ve been working with. Photographs of the pages were shared on a generous University’s website and I’ve collected the letter images to share with my friends here on These totally vintage letter images were presented in a larger and a smaller size. The smaller letters were the size of the lyrics included within the manuscript that contained liturgical text.

I love the hand-done look of these letters. As beautiful as they are, they all have little spots where you can see that these were done by hand. I’ve left all of those elements and will leave it for you to decide how many you wish to keep or edit away.

Gilded Illuminated Letter P Images

These gilded Illuminated letter P images are from the group of larger letters contained in the manuscript. There is a blue and a white version of essentially the same letter. But, they are decorated differently. The blue one has red, orange and red flowers on blue and white vines with some green accenting a number of the flowers. The white one has more orange, less red and a pair maroon flowers. Instead of flowers, there are several circles and a diamond adding a bit more visual interest to the white one as well.

The third gilded letter P uses the same basic design for the letter but is a bit more muted with decorations done in white, blue and shades of grey.

letter-p  letter-p-2  letter-p-4

Large, White Illuminated Letter P Image

With a P drawn much like the first three, this illuminated letter incorporated red, blue, orange and green flowers, vines and leaves. The vines are all blue and white. Along with the floral elements, there are some circles here and there further decorating the image. It’s all displayed on a beige background with reddish-brown speckles.


 Small, Illuminated Letter P Images

These three 16th Century letter P images are a bit smaller than the others but no less lovely. We have two white and grey letter P’s. One has blue and white decorations and the other has flowers and decorations using the same colors as the letter. A third small, illuminated letter P image has a blue letter P with a single red and white flower and four leaves.

letter-p-small3  letter-p-small-1  letter-p-small-2

This image is copyright free and in the public domain anywhere that extends copyrights 70 years after death or at least 120 years after publication when the original illustrator is unknown.