Full Alphabets & Letter Sets

This ever growing collection of images that contain a full set of the alphabet or a group of similarly designed letters could be used for a variety of craft projects. Along with scrapbooking, many of these images could easily be turned into the makings of an embroidery sampler.

With a little cropping, selected letters could also be removed to create drop caps and other effects.

16th Century Illuminated Letters

A huge group of illuminated letters from a 16th century manuscript. Letters are on a beige background with red, blue, orange, green and black decorations - some even gilded.

Alphabet Images

Book plates with complete, or almost complete, sets of letters. All are in the public domain and can be used as a group or individually.

Alphabet of Children

Charming set of vintage images that feature letters of the alphabet decorated with cute children dressed in red and white.

Floral Drop Cap Letters Set

Print foundries sold full sets of engraved alphabet letters to publishers. I have found the pieces of this set across a number of books and magazines.

French Printer's Letters

letter C image with flowers and a bee
A collection of 13 letter images from a pair of French books about flowers.