Kids, Cats & Kittens

There might not be anything cuter than a sweet picture of a small child with kittens. Well, maybe a child with puppies, but that’s another category.

These pictures are mostly from vintage children’s books and magazines and show little girls and boys with kittens and cats. Anyone looking for images of children and images of pets, particularly cats and kittens has come to the right place.

The images here are all in the public domain and ready for incorporating into your own creative projects.

We also have a nice selection of public domain cat images.

Playing With Kitty

Playing with kitty is a charming illustration of a young child playing with a cat around a door with a ball of red yarn. It is the work of Ida Waugh.

Girl & Her Cat

Vintage, photographic-like drawing of a girl and her cat.

The Lecture

Vintage drawing of a little girl telling her kitten not to fight.

Cat in the Bed

A gray cat greets two children with wishes of good morning.

Lap Cat

Drawing of an unwilling lap cat and a little girl.

Naming the Kittens

Mother examines one of the kittens as four young children look on. Naming the kittens is an important process and even the baby seems involved.