Kids & Farm Animals

Drawings of children with pigs, donkeys, goats and other farm animals. The charming vintage images of children and animals in this group are all in the public domain. I think these are some of the most charming images of children as many show the children caring for the animals or simply enjoying their company.

You can also find drawings of the individual farm animals under the animals category. There are copyright free pig images, donkey images and goat images.

Boy Feeding Chickens

1892 drawing of a little boy feeding chickens. A trio of chickens, several chicks and a flying chicken will be enjoying the feast.

Girl Feeding Chickens

Vintage children’s book illustration of a young girl feeding chickens. This charming full-color illustration is in the public domain and free to download.

Kids and Horses

Vintage drawing, great for coloring, of several horses and kids.

Goat Cart Boy

A young boy harnesses up his goat to a small cart.

Apple Thieves

A trio of goats threaten to steal a little girl’s apple.

Away We Go

A group of young boys try to ride an uncooperative donkey in this humorous vintage image.