Boy Feeding Chickens

My family never lived anywhere that we could have chickens. But, had we done so, I’m fairly certain Mom would have kept some and it would have been my job to take care of them.

This vintage Ida Waugh (1849-1919) drawing is from an 1892 children’s book with a number of different stories for children.

Heer we have a drawing of a boy feeding chickens. Three chickens are digging in to the seeds along with a number of fluffy yellow chicks. A red chicken is flying in from the right side of the image. They’re all on a pathway that looks like it leads to the front door of the house. A single flower is in bloom in the corner and draws the eye to the distant barn and corral.

Along with this boy feeding chickens drawing, there’s also a girl feeding chickens¬†drawing by Ida Waugh that you might find interesting.


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