Images of Being Caught in the Act

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the image category Images of Being Caught in the Act.

The Temper Tantrum

As his horse runs away, a young Victorian lad flails his arms and legs in an apparent temper tantrum.

The Escape

A young lad leaps over a fence avoiding the sharp horns of a bull. The escape is a charming book illustration by Ida Waugh from 1881.

When Bees Attack

A young Victorian lad learns the hard way not to poke a bee’s nest. When bees attack, it is not a good idea to flail at them the way he is.

The Stained Dress

Two young children debate on what to do about the stained dress one of them is wearing in this vintage Ida Waugh drawing.

Watching the Birds

A very young Victorian child stands on a chair and is caught watching the birds. This colored drawing is in tones of brown and beige with a bit of green.


An escape made short as the canoe capsizes and dumps our intrepid young explorer overboard into the lake. What a fun vintage drawing for a scrapbook page!