Images of Being Caught in the Act

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the image category Images of Being Caught in the Act.

Not Me

Cute drawing of a young boy trying to prove his innocence.

Baby’s Revenge

Cute drawing of a curly-headed toddler putting a triumphant end to her brother’s drum.

Borrowed Dolly

A young boy borrows his sister’s dolly for his sail boat.

Horse Too Big Drawing

A young boy holds on for dear life after trying to ride a horse too big for him in this vintage drawing.

Peek a Boo

A young Victorian child peers through a hole in a fence.

The Bird’s Nest

Young child climbs a tree to check out the bird’s nest on the end of the branch they are climbing on.

Dirty Hands

A young child leaves its mark on the stove after getting into the ashes.

The Fight

Two children fight as a women tries to break it up.

The Bonfire

The bonfire. Usually associated with football games. This time a group of naughty children are creating a bit of excitement of their own by building a fire.