Images of Being Caught in the Act

Children will always be curious and sometimes a bit naughty. It’s all part of growing up. This group of copyright free images show children being caught in the act of misbehaving. Even if you don’t need one of these free images for your next craft, website design or other artistic endeavor, they should bring a smile to your face. So, are there any pictures of you doing similar things? I’m not telling.

Picking Blackberries

Charming vintage drawing of a little girl caught picking blackberries and using her hat as a basket. Great coloring image in the public domain.

Umbrella Mishap

A charming piece by Walter Crane with a poor little girl in the middle of an umbrella mishap. Don’t you just want to reach out and help her up? I do.

Too Much Candy

Begging dog, sleeping child, empty box of candy – almost too cute for words.

Sneaky Boy

Vintage drawing of a young boy sneaking around a corner.

Chasing the Cat

Charming drawing of a little boy chasing a cat up a tree.

Oh No!

A terrified looking child spills the milk.

First Shave

A young boy uses his father’s shaving kit for his first shave.

Rude Awakening

Two naughty children get ready to scare their sleeping brother.