Around The House

There’s so many things that can be found in the average household. So far, this group of items don’t have enough of the same kind of images to warrant their own category but, they are worthwhile nonetheless.

As this section of Reusable Art grows, I’ll continue to move things around. The household images here are all in the public domain and ready for downloading. If you don’t see what you need here, be sure to check out the other categories in this section as what you need may be in a category of its own.

vintage door knocker drawing

Vintage Door Knocker Drawing

What would a book all about Colonial doorways and how the well-to-do visited with each other be if it didn’t include a drawing of a door knocker? This drawing was used as a vignette indicating when the preface of the book began. But, I’m thinking it would look so much better with your family’s name […]

Universal Wringer, an early washing machine

Clothes Washer

Vintage advertising image from 1867. Universal Wringer clothes washer from when doing laundry meant turning a crank to squeeze the water out of the clothes.

Vintage Scissors Drawing

Looking for a simple drawing of a pair of scissors? This vintage scissors drawing is in the public domain and features a pair with a bent head.

Square Tool

Vintage square tool drawing used in an 1887 magazine advertisement. Such a simple concept and one most crafters and woodworkers will recognize.

Fireplace Logs

Vintage advertising image for gas fireplace logs from 1887.

Weather Vane

Bald eagle weather vane from a builder’s magazine from 1887.

Fireplace Grate Drawing

How lovely these must have looked in homes of the Victorian era. Pretty fireplace grate drawing from 1887 advertisement in a architectural and builders mag.

Hack Saw Drawing

Vintage advertising image from 1887 for a hack saw and blades.

Broken Umbrella

Inside out and broken umbrella drawing from 1911. Free download from

Minoan vase drawing

Minoan Vase Drawing

Vintage Minoan vase drawing showing the graphic arts of the prehistoric Aegian Civilization.