Clothes Washer

The Universal Wringer represented modern technology in 1867. In fact, it had been awarded First Premium at the Great New England Fair of 1866 bu unanimous vote. And, it was pronounced superior to all others at the 1862 World’s Fair in London. It was also awarded first premium at over 14 other events.

This vintage clothes washer drawing is of the Universal Clothes Wringer. At the time of the advertisement was placed in the 26th volume of the 1867 American Agriculturist, they had sold over half a million of them. They claimed that was more clothes washing wringers than all of the competitors combined.

At the time, these wonders sold for $14 for the family-sized model down to $8.50 for the number 2 wringer.

The advertising image that accompanied all of these claims included a charming maiden wringing a long garment dry and having it land directly into a wicker hamper. How much easier we have it today. Throw it into a machine, push a button and it comes out wonderfully dry and fluffed. Imagine sending every bit of washing through a pair of rollers to wring out the water. I get tired just thinking about all of that cranking.

Universal Wringer, an early washing machine

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