The Letter U

No doubt when these letter U images were created, they were included in quite a few different publications. These engravings were provided by print foundries for publishers, who used them much like we use stock images today. Unfortunately, U is one of those letters that weren’t used at the beginning of too many chapters or paragraphs. Finding drop cap U images is a bit difficult. Hopefully, I’ve found one that will work for your project.

U with Vines

This vintage drop cap letter dates all the way back to at least 1878. This letter U with vines is a rare find.

1881 U Drawing

Vintage U drawing from 1881 or earlier. This drop cap image features some flowers and other decorations. Somehow reminds me of Cupid with his arrow and bow.

The Letter U

Free fancy letter U surrounded by leaves image.

Fancy Letter U

Free downloadable and printable image of the letter U.