Mixed Animal Images

After sharing so many wonderful vintage drawings and illustrations with all of you for so many years now, it’s always fun to find that first image. You know, that first image of some animal I haven’t worked with before. The problem is, the way Reusable Art is set up, it doesn’t really work well with a category that has less than three similar images.

So, while there are almost 2 full pages of different categories of animal images and hundreds of wonderful animal drawings and illustrations to be found, there are still some animals who do not have their own categories.

Rather than have to not share them with you at all, they get to live here. The animal images here cover a wide variety of species and image styles.

Due to the nature of this category and as Reusable Art continues to grow, images will be moved as new categories are created. Be sure to check the specific animal categories if and animal image you once found here is now missing.

vintage two-toed sloth drawing

Sweet Sloth Drawing

Vintage, sweet sloth drawing from Brehm’s Life of Animals. Charming black and white illustration of an upside down sloth hanging from a tree.

vintage beaver drawing from ReusableArt.com

Vintage Beaver Drawing

They’re hard at work in this vintage beaver drawing. Harvesting some wood to build their home with. Great public domain engraving from 1867.

Vintage Coyote Drawing

Vintage coyote drawing and engraving from 1867. A huge scan provides a lot of detail. The publication date means it’s in the public domain.

public domain leopard drawing

Leopard Drawing

Lovely public domain leopard drawing by Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899). Pencil drawing of a big cat from a book showcasing many examples of her animal drawings.

Cape Oryx Drawing

Vintage cape oryx drawing from 1910. It was part of the antelope entry from an encyclopedia. He looks so proud and stately.

Kudu Antelope

Vintage kudu antelope drawing from 1910. This african antelope was included in the 11th Encyclopedia Britannica. Such a handsome fellow. Don’t you think?

Bushbuck Antelope

Bushbuck antelope drawing from a vintage encyclopedia. Black and white drawing from 1911.


Vintage 1910 armadillo drawing. These mammals have a curious charm but can become a problem for farmers.

White Tailed Gnu

Vintage white tailed gnu drawing from 1910. This vintage encyclopedia wrote that these animals were nearly extinct. Thankfully, they were saved…

Brown Antelope Drawing

Almost 200 years old, this brown antelope drawing is in the public domain everywhere. The species and artist are unknown but it is a pretty animal image.

Antelope Head

Free, vintage antelope head drawing from 1822 with brown shaggy fur, large brown eyes and dark brownish-green horns.