Mixed Animal Images

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the image category Mixed Animal Images.

Brown Antelope Drawing

Almost 200 years old, this brown antelope drawing is in the public domain everywhere. The species and artist are unknown but it is a pretty animal image.

Antelope Head

Free, vintage antelope head drawing from 1822 with brown shaggy fur, large brown eyes and dark brownish-green horns.

Antelope Drawing

Beautiful, vintage antelope drawing from an 1822 natural history dictionary. Full-color, hand painted in lovely shades of brown on green grass.

Tree Squirrel Drawing

Vintage, public domain drawing of a tree squirrel perched high in the top of an old oak tree. A trio of young rabbits sit at the base of the tree.

Oposum Family

Vintage black and white drawing of an oposum family in a tree branch.

Yak Drawing

Leave it to the talented Oliver Herford to make even a yak look cute.