Winter Scenes Featuring Children

Winter can be such a fun and exciting time of year. This collection of copyright free images for crafters celebrates the joys of being young and playing in the snow or sliding on ice.

Sleds & Skates

Sleds and skates, may be the two greatest symbols of fun in the wintertime. Showcased in this vintage drawing of 3 children gliding and sliding on the ice.

Skate Boot

A pair of children enjoy each other’s company. The boy pushes the little girl across the ice-covered ground in a skate book. Vintage tradecard for a shoe company.

Giant Snowball

Fun drawing of a group of kids making a giant snowball.


Drawing of four children and their mother watching a snowstorm.

Sledding Siblings

Vintage drawing of a brother and sister riding a toboggan downhill.

Makeshift Sled

Such a fun winter drawing of a daddy turning himself into a sled.

Around the Bend

Four children ride a sled around the bend in this vintage children’s image.