Vintage Medusa Drawings

There are a number of variations on the myth but all agree that Medusa was much feared for her ability to turn people into stone by simply gazing into her eyes. With her hair in the forms of snakes and whether her face was lovely to look at or terrible to behold she was one of three Gorgons who were much feared by the Ancient Greeks.

Medusa was eventually killed by Perseus who in one version of the myth rode the winged horse Pegasus during his hunt of Medusa and which in another version claims Pegasus sprang forth from the dead Medusa’s neck along with the giant Chrysaor. To see illustrations of Perseus please visit that category.

All of the Medusa drawings from Greek Mythology which appear in this category are copyright free, in the public domain and may be downloaded freely.


A whimsical look at Medusa trying to style her hair.