White Persian Cat Drawing

Meet Tiger. Tiger was one of the many cats Harrison Weir (1824-1906) included in his 1892 book Our Cats and All About Them. This white Persian cat drawing shows a cat doing something ours did so often, they seemed compulsive – wash their faces.

Ever notice that about cats? You pet them, they wash their face. They eat, they wash their face. They play, they wash their face. Even if all they do is walk across the room, it seems like they wash their face.

Tiger has the same look on his face that our cats always did when you interrupted their bathing rituals. That go away, you’re bothering me look. Then depending upon their mood, they either continued washing their face, curled up and went to sleep or put the charm on in hopes of getting petted. For someone, who loved cats as much as Weir did, it must have been fun capturing their many moods with his drawings.

white Persian cat drawing

The vintage white Persian cat drawing on this page is not the largest version of the image. If you would like to see and download the full-size drawing, just click on it.

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