Drawings of Victorian Children

Young children during the Victorian era often wore long-flowing garments. Photographs as well as drawings of Victorian children are often hard to identify as girls or boys.

The group of vintage drawings displayed here are the ones where I was unable to tell if the child was a girl or a boy. In some ways, that makes this group of images of kids more usable as they could work for either girls or boys.

Hay Harvest

Vintage children’s book illustration of a family during the hay harvest. A child stacks hay while his mother, father and younger sibling look on.

Silhouette of Children

Vintage silhouette of children by E. Boyd Smith. The girl is waving or pointing at something off in the distance. The boy is gandering in that direction too.

Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story is the name of this drawing and the book it adorned. The drawing has two children in a playroom. One is asking the other to read to them.

Curious Child

A young child peers around a corner in this vintage drawing.

Yucky Medicine

Fun drawing of a child trying to avoid taking his medicine.

Child Sleeping

Charming vintage illustration of a child sleeping in a field.


A young child lays on a window seat daydreaming.

Young Victorian Child

Anyone familiar with the Victorian period knows this is a little boy but he would sure make a pretty little girl too.