Public Domain Spider Pictures

Always eight-legged but only sometimes creepy, the members of the arachnid family are sure to intrigue. Our growing collection of copyright free spider pictures aren’t just for Halloween. Use them for all sorts of crafting, scrapbooking, art and website design projects. Use them to weave a little magic on your next creative project and you’ll be sure to make a grand statement with your finished work.

Harvestmen Spider

Vintage harvestmen spider drawing from 1910. Black and white spider illustration would be great for mixed media projects.

Trap Door Spider

Wonderfully large and detailed Liphistius desultor or trap door spider drawing from 1910.

Orange Spider Drawing

Orange spider drawing from an 1822 botanical book plate on natural history. With big hairy legs and a green thorax, it is no wonder they say they leak sun.

Spider & Web

A large spider gets ready to grab a bit of dinner.