Patriotic Images

A growing collection of patriotic images that celebrates the United States.

Celebrate Independence Day with this collection of free, downloadable images. Declare your own independence when you use these free patriotic images on your next creative project.

All of the patriotic images in this collection are copyright free and in the public domain in most of the world.

Looking for more patriotic images? Be sure to visit our sister site Free Vintage Art where you will find a number of Patriotic Posters from World War I. Free Vintage Art includes works that under American copyright law are in the public domain but may not been viewed as being in the public domain in other parts of the world.

Liberty Bell Drawing

Vintage, patriotic Liberty Bell drawing by the artist John A. Hows. The bell in the drawing is not our beloved bell but the symbolism is wonderful.

Parade March

A group of children dressed as soldiers march along carrying swords and an American flag.

Exploding Fireworks

Exploding fireworks image that can bring some excitement to your next creative project.