Free Halloween Images

Anyone looking for unusual Halloween images may have just happened upon the perfect place. All of the free Halloween images here are from old books and other written materials and are now in the public domain – no royalties, free downloads, and no membership dues.

So far, there’s only a few witches, a bat and a little skeleton but there will be more great free Halloween images as we find them. If you would like a more anatomically correct human skeleton, you’ll find a few in the vintage human anatomy images section. And, we even have a number of animal skeleton drawings too.

black bat drawing

Black Bat Drawing

He looks a bit scary. But, this black bat drawing was designed to show off his wing structure.

Black Cat Face

Spooky, yet charming black cat face drawing for Halloween. A great piece to add a little feline charm to your holiday projects.

Merry Halloween Boy

Charming Merry Halloween postcard image from Ellen H. Clapsaddle featuring a young boy carving a jack-o-lantern.

Merry Halloween

Merry Halloween, a charming Ellen H. Clapsaddle postcard with a cute little girl and a jack-o-lantern.

Witch and Friends

A friendly looking witch warms her hands by the fire as her cat and duck sit nearby.

Flying Witch Image

A witch flies on her broom in front of a full moon with her black cat and bat.

Witch with Birds

With her witch’s black hat, walking stick and purse; this witch is surrounded by a flock of doves.