English Fashion 1886

In the fall of 1886, wool was becoming the fabric of choice for English fashions. Loose-fronted bodices were coming into vogue. Many of them fastened only at the throat and waist with large buttons or clasps. The jackets stretched open over the front to show a full waistcoat.

Lady’s hats were high in front, if not high overall. Horseshoe crowns, which had been introduced in the summer continued to be popular. The stringless bonnet was gaining in popularity. And, beaver was the fabric of choice. Hat trims were leaves in bright hues, brambles and berries. Blackberry and virginian-creeper were among the most popular.

This 1880s fashion image depicts a number of well-dressed people walking along the boardwalk around a lake. There’s mountains in the background and several small boat docks in the drawing along with several buildings and a tree.

This drawing is from The Girl’s Own Paper, Vol. VIII: No. 356, October 23, 1886. It was a wonderful magazine but they unfortunately did not identify the many illustrators who decorated their pages with images like this one.

English Fashion 1886

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