Shore Birds

A growing collection of copyright free images of shore birds. From all over the world, or even perhaps your own back yard, these birds make their homes on the edges of our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams.

From the exotic to the everyday, this collection of copyright free bird images is far from the ordinary.

vintage albatross drawing

Albatross Bird Drawing

Vintage albatross bird drawing. This aquatic bird is the largest and strongest of all of the sea birds. Public domain bird drawing from 1911.

Kittiwake Gull Drawing

Vintage, black and white kittiwake gull drawing. Book illustration that dates back to 1848 thereby putting it into the public domain.

Guillemot Drawing

Black and white guillemot drawing from 1848. This penguin-like bird was found by holiday travelers to the Isle of Wight.

Gulls Drawing

This vintage sea gulls drawing was created by C.A. Reed. It is beautifully colored in tones of gray and blue with a pink sunrise or sunset.

Grebe Drawing

Black and white drawing of a grebe bird among the reeds.