Peacock Images

Peacocks are actually members of the pheasant family. The males, known for their large vibrant iridescent tails are called peacocks, while the female birds are known as peahens. Technically, when referring to these birds, they are called peafowl.

The beautiful tail feathers of the peacock are designed to attract peahens who chose their mates based upon the size, color and quantity of feathers.

Peacock feathers have been treasured throughout history and were often use in religious ceremonies or in fashionable head wear.

Reusable Art has growing collection of vintage peacock images and we hope to become the only place you need to look for peacock pictures and drawings.

Vintage peacock woodcut

Peacock Woodcut

Vintage peacock woodcut from an 1497 publication of Aesop’s Fable, the Peacock and the Crane.

Indian Peacock

Indian Peacock

Traditional stencil drawing of an Indian peacock. Completed in red, black and shades of gray.

Peacock Drawing

Part of drawing lesson on creating different textures, this peacock drawing would make a great coloring image.

Proud Peacock

A peacock strikes a regal pose and shows off his fine feathers.